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New Twists On Old, Multi-Level Business Models Are Making Fresh Local Food More Affordable AND More Profitable

Dreams of Better Food For Healthier Living are the Core Foundation of End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC Visions of a Building Better Food System Launched End-O-Fite Enterprises In Spite of Less-Than-Favorable Circumstances Imagine a world where everyone you know has access to safe, nutritious, locally grown food.  Food that was grown on healthy soils.  This is the dream that launched End-O-Fite Enterprises ...

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Better Health Is Yours to Reclaim

Melissa Brice of Reclaim Wellness Talks about Taking Charge of Health and Wellness

     Melissa Brice of Reclaim Wellness, a holistic health center in Las Cruces, NM, was a recent guest on Microbes, Minerals, and Mindsets.  Like so many  in the rapidly expanding area of holistic health and wellness, Melissa reached her perspectives about health through her personal struggle to get better.   In this episode, we discuss the rising cost of health ...

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5 Tips for a Microbiome Friendly Holiday

Learn more about managing your microbiome at endofite.com/mym      As we approach winter solstice, the days get shorter, moods change, and many of us have a tendency to reach for comfort foods. Work productivity may decline as we take days off to celebrate holiday time with family and friends.  Emotions may run high, as holiday gatherings bring up old ...

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