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Reversing Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Fibromyalgia Is a Devasating Health Condition With No Medically Accepted Cure. COMING THIS SUMMER: A new online class will teach the same multidimensional, microbiome friendly alternative strategies Dr. Mary Lucero uses to manage her own fibromyalgia.  The approach allowed her to reverse symptoms sufficiently to launch End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC and rebuild the impacted elements of her professional and family life.  ...

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When Do Humic Minerals Boost Livestock Nutrition?

Intro to Building Better Soils

In this week’s episode of Microbes, Minerals, and Mindsets, Caterina Platt, of Los Lunas, New Mexico, shares insights gained during 10 years raising and showing sheep and goats. Diet and mineral supplements are important for raising champions. This year, Caterina will be settting up feeding experiments to evaluate the effects of adding mineral rich humates to her feed and forage ...

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The Johnson-Su Bioreactor Enriches Beneficial Soil Fungi

Stop Turning Your Compost Composting offers a terrific way to culture native microbes that benefit your soil. However, there is more to a good compost than simply building a pile of manure and yard waste. Proper aeration is important to prevent overheating and to ensure that aerobic bacteria-bacteria that consume oxygen, dominate the mixture.  While there are exceptions to every ...

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