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Education for Sustainable Living

What is Sustainable Living? Sustainable living refers to the adoption of lifestyles or cultures that support healthy and prosperous communities and healthy ecosystems for present and future generations.  Lifestyles are shaped through education.  Education that allows students to interact with their environment and experience healthy, prosperous living is more likely to produce sustainable cultures.  This essay compares educational trends observed in the 1980’s and today, highlighting ...

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Nobel Assembly Highlights Lysosomes and Long Term Research

The Announcements of Nobel Prizes represent current events that are changing our the world around us.  This year’s announcement of an award to Yoshinori Ohsumi for his discovery of the genes and mechanisms relevant to autophagy (a recycling system within the cells) offers an excellent introduction to important cellular organelles most of us learn little about in school:  vacuoloes and lysosomes. ...

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