Nutritional Health


  1. Good nutrition begins in the soil, and reaches its peak when crops are harvested ripe.  To secure these nutrients, eat fresh, local, organic whole foods grown in healthy soils.  Want to grow your own?  Check out our grower services.
  2. Buy direct from growers who manage for healthy crops, healthy soils, or healthy livestock.
  3. When you must use packaged or processed foods or supplements, take time to learn about the processor.  What ingredients are they using?  How do they source their ingredients? How much information do they provide consumers?   Remember, consumer concerns drive all industries.  Let your food service providers know that nutrition matters to you.
  4. Recognize that healthy diets may not be enough to ensure that your body receives good nutrition.
    • Medications, recreational drugs and alcohol, environmental toxins, and even exposure to things like radiation can disrupt the microbial and cellular metabolic processes that deliver nutrients to your cells, tissues, and organs.
    • By addressing universal health concerns like nutrition, pain, inflammation, cellular stress, and detox with microbiome friendly alternatives, the need for medications can be reduced.  Schedule a consultation to learn how you can that minimize toxin exposures and restore important functions to damaged microbiomes.  Do talk to your medical doctor before making any changes in your prescription drug choices.
      • We do not provide medical advice, and we do not diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure disease.  Our nutritional approach is grounded in cell biology, microbial ecology, and environmental science.  It has not been evaluated by the FDA or other regulatory agencies.
  5. When supplements are necessary to address nutrient deficiencies, choose whole food supplements rather than synthetic mixtures of vitamins and minerals.
    • Consider using supplements provided through independent distributors who can answer detailed questions about their products.
      • We offer free consultations to discuss safe nutritional approaches for managing pain, inflammation, cellular stress, detox, and more with supplements that balance, rather than disrupt, your microbiome.
      • All our supplements can be shipped throughout the US.  Many are available internationally.  Contact us to schedule your consultation.


Healthy food starts with healthy soil.  We encourage all who are serious about good nutrition to grow at least some of their own food, because when you experience food grown at home in healthy soil, you develop a better understanding of the relationship between soil health, plant health, and your health.   Our soil health consultations can help you recognize soil and microbial community characteristics that support healthy crops with minimal inputs.


Plants grown in soils that support healthy microbial communities can secure nutrients and defend themselves against pests and disease. Taken from Lucero et. al., available online at: