Nutritional Health


Good nutrition is critical to good health.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”― Hippocrates

If we want to solve the health care crisis that is reducing our quality of life and bankrupting hard-working families, we need to resolve the nutritional crisis that plagues modern soils and food systems.   Consumers need to go beyond reading labels to learn how their food is produced, and how production practices influence nutrition.  Consumers need to be more supportive of those growers who care for their soils. Voters need to be more aware of the many ways that policies and regulations are reducing food quality in the name of food safety.   Changing a system as complex and as heavily regulated as our agricultural system takes time.   The guidelines below will help you enjoy good nutrition today.


  1. Good nutrition begins in the soil, and reaches its peak when crops are harvested ripe.  If you are beginning your search for wholesome food at the supermarket, you need to be aware that supermarket produce is often harvested before it’s ripe so that it travels and stores well.  It may also contain pesticide residues, and be handled in ways that remove beneficial enzymes and nutrients.  By the time the food has arrived on the shelf at your supermarket, valuable nutrients have disappeared.  This is why it is so important to eat fresh, locally grown, foods harvested from healthy soils.  Keeping a vegetable garden is the best way to ensure that food you are buying is fresh.  Check out our grower services.  Our blog our online courses, and selected YGY Extension events also offer tools that can help you succeed.  
  2. Buy direct from growers who manage for healthy crops, healthy soils, or healthy livestock.  Farmer’s markets offer great opportunities to meet and buy from growers in your area.  Look for growers who avoid pesticides and focus on soil health.   When farmer’s markets don’t offer the selection you need, consider buyers cooperatives and direct marketing affiliations that bring the consumer closer to the grower.  Our partnership with Youngevity allows us to offer you food products like butter from grass fed cattle, and the artisanal cheeses below, that rank highly among processed foods for their attention to preserving nutritional quality.

    Purchase this cheese and other natural foods direct from our affiliated YGY store.

  3. When you must use packaged or processed foods or supplements, learn about the processor.  What ingredients are they using?  How do they source their ingredients? How much information do they provide consumers?   Remember, consumer concerns drive all industries.  Don’t limit your nutritional knowledge to reading labels.  Let your food service providers know that nutrition matters to you.

    These blueberry pancakes enriched with Magestic Earth minerals offer convenient options for gluten restricted diets.

  4. Recognize that healthy diets may not be enough to ensure that your body receives good nutrition.
    • Medications, recreational drugs and alcohol, environmental toxins, and exposure to excess radiation can disrupt the microbial and cellular metabolic processes that deliver nutrients to your cells, tissues, and organs.
    • Environmental damage, soil deficiencies, and food processing procedures can all limit the nutritional quality of our foods.
    • By addressing universal health concerns like nutrition, pain, inflammation, cellular stress, and detox with microbiome friendly alternatives, the need for medications can be reduced.  Schedule a consultation to learn how you can that minimize toxin exposures and restore important functions to damaged microbiomes.  Do talk to your medical doctor before making any changes in your prescription drug choices.
      • We do not provide medical advice, and we do not diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure disease.  Our nutritional approach is grounded in cell biology, microbial ecology, and environmental science principles that have not been evaluated by the FDA or other regulatory agencies.
  5. When supplements are necessary to address nutrient deficiencies, choose whole food and complex trace mineral supplements from natural sources.
    • We offer free consultations to discuss safe nutritional based options for general health.
    • We offer nutritional tools for managing pain, inflammation, cellular stress, detox, and more.
    • Our supplements are provided through direct marketing affiliates that excel in nutrition, epigenetics, and nutrigenomics.  Since many health professionals are part of our network, we can connect you to many kinds of medical and alternative health expertise.

      This Healthy Body Pak offering 90 essential nutrients represents one of many nutritional products we offer through our YGY affiliate. .