On Selecting Supplements

  Fibromyalgia, like probably every illness known, is influenced by nutritional health.   It simply makes good sense to eat right when treating the disease. For those of us who live in the Garden of Eden and eat fresh, whole, natural foods on a daily basis, this is a non-issue.  But I’m not in Eden, so until my gardening skills improve, ...

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When Medicine Doesn’t Work

Those closest to me well are aware that I’ve been complaining about pain and numbness for years.    I’ve treated the pain like I’ve treated all my health problems.  I saw doctors, read articles, and researched all the latest cures.  Then I went back to work.  But as time passed, my symptoms increased.  Often, the increase was due to side effects from medication.  Over a number of ...

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Dimensions of Affirmative Action

December 1, 2012 Yesterday I received my November copy of Imprimis, a terrific little newsletter from Hillsdale College that features thoughtful discussions about education and civil liberty.  Edward Erler’s article therein challenges legislation that promotes equality through reverse discrimination.  His article contributes to recent affirmative action discussions generated by the Supreme Court case Fisher vs. University of Texas.  Such discussions ...

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Diversity is Lost When Reasoning Is Unidimensional

Babies are born into multidimensional worlds filled with sights, sounds, odors, tastes, and sensations that stimulate all senses.  When early childhood experiences allow babies to apply these senses to diverse experiences, learning progresses rapidly.  Without formal coaching, babies quickly develop physical coordination important for walking.  Without grammer books, babies quickly acquire basic communication skills that exceed those of many adults ...

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Multidimensional Reasoning Fosters Sustainability

  Changing the way we live in our environment will require changing the way we think about our environment.  In nature, sustainability is achieved through diversity.   Complex food webs ensure that energy and natural resources crucial for life itself are continuously recycled and redistributed across ecosystems.  When biodiversity is lost, food webs become inefficient, and resources are no longer accessible ...

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Welcome to Cultivating Victory!

Welcome to Cultivating Victory. Here is where we share ideas that are shaping journeys towards healthier microbiomes and more secure food systems. Here we discuss a spectrum of issues related to healthy soils, healthy people, healthy environments, and healthy economies. We hope the seeds we plant will cultivate victory in the battle for healthy and sustainable living.