What’s this Page All About?

Hello, and welcome, to Endofite.com! The first questions you might have when you enter this site include, “What is this place?  Is it pronounced “end-o-fight?” or “end-o- fit?”   Is this a business?  Or a blog?  Who’s writing all this stuff?  What is food security?  What do you mean by “Integrated Health?”   What will I gain from reading this ...

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Glyphosate Residues Permeate Food Webs. Here’s How You Can Fight Back.

Photo showing cattle.

A recent (2014) study published by Monika Krüger and colleagues in the Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology  revealed the presence of glyphosate residues in grazing and foraging animals and in people, highlighting key problems associated with a herbicide that targets an entire kingdom of primary producers.  Glyphosate residues were found in hares and rabbits, cattle, and humans, suggesting that the ...

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On Solar Powered Nitrogen Factories

  Recently, I was invited into a discussion on the potential for “solar powered nitrogen factories”. The dialog dealt with using legumes and grasses as cover crops to increase soil fertility. This is of course, a great strategy which farmers are adopting at large scales. As the cover crops grow, they release sugars that feed soil microbes, nitrogen rich amino ...

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Health and Economic Disparities are Created by Specialized, Fragmented Food and Healthcare Systems

The 20th Century Moved Us Into a Specialized, Fragmented, Industrialized World.      In the conservative1980’s, as a student in the college of agriculture at New Mexico State University, I was engaged in frequent class discussions and debates regarding the loss of family farms, trends towards larger and more technologically advanced corporate farms, and the the need to address rapidly growing ...

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Moving from Medical Professionals to Health Coaches For Patient Centered Health CareHeal

With healthcare costs skyrocketing, socialized medicine failing to deliver the services promised, disease rates climbing, and the public growing ever more skeptical of allopathic medicine, many believe the time for more patient centered medicine has arrived. Today’s guest blogger, Patricia Hernandez, MPH, MSW, CHC explains why Health Coaches can offer services that fill in the gaps between patient needs and ...

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Popular Herbicide Rounding Up a Multidimensional Disaster

No Chemical Does More to Promote Disease than Glyphosate In the video above,  Dr Alex Vasquez explains why no chemical does more on an international basis to promote disease than glyphosate, the active ingredient in the popular herbicide, Round Up. Efforts of many like Vasquez, who highlights events in Columbia, are making headway around the world. Internationally, one petition online has collected ...

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Water Retention in a Wood Chip Garden

Few characters I dealt with in my years as as a researcher were as colorful as Chuck Redman.  Chuck was a retired solar energy technician who had dedicated many lab hours during his career to exploring the movement of adsorbed water.   After retirement, Chuck had become fascinated with the hypothesis that significant amounts of water in trees could move ...

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Will a Lawsuit Against Monsanto Force Tighter Food Safety Regulations?

Mirazie vs. Monsanto The recent filing of a class action lawsuit against Monsanto by Elvis, Edison And Romi Mirazie in the state of California represents the beginning of the windfall microbiologists have anticipated for decades as more individuals recognize the vital role microbes play in human health.  Crowdfunding is being used to support the Mirazie’s effort.  At issue is the ...

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Growing Organic Blackberries in the Desert Requires an Emphasis on Soil Microbiology

Who says you can’t grow blackberries in the desert?  South of the Organ Mountains, near Vado, New Mexico, soils are characterized by heavy calcium carbonate (aka caliche) deposits on or near the surface.  This caliche becomes sticky when wet, binding together to form an impervious, concrete-like layer that water cannot easily drain through. The natural soil pH is between 8 ...

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Guest Post: Papers, Possessions, and Precision Agriculture in a Cloudy Environment

  Introducing  Cliff Love, of Profitable Growth Services as today’s guest writer.   Cliff’s background in private agricultural services in the Northeastern US contrasts with my own perspectives, gleaned from public agricultural and environmental research in the Southwest.  Yet our contrasting experiences have led us to a shared awareness that our sustainability is being threatened, not so much by technology itself, ...

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Welcome to Cultivating Victory!

Welcome to Cultivating Victory. Here is where we share ideas that are shaping journeys towards healthier microbiomes and more secure food systems. Here we discuss a spectrum of issues related to healthy soils, healthy people, healthy environments, and healthy economies. We hope the seeds we plant will cultivate victory in the battle for healthy and sustainable living.