Soil Solution Summit in Longmont

Soil Solution Summit To Feature Integrated Solutions for Soil, Health, and Nutrition

In February, we will be returning to Longmont, Colorado to participate in the Soil Solution Summit.   This effort will highlight soil microbes and minerals that are critical for healthy crop and soil microbiomes, strategies we are using to build secure food networks that provide access to safe, healthy, and nutritious food, and a special meeting with Dr. Joel Wallach, who’s books and lectures like Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie have been illustrating the connection between human health and the soil our food is grown in for more than 20 years. Dr. Joel Wallach has been recognized by the United Nations for his Lifetime Achievement on Natural Medicine and Philanthropy.

To register for the entire workshop, contact Glen Schultz at Schultz Family Farm.

To attend the Building Healthy Food Systems only, register on Eventbrite.

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